DWP partnerships

How to contact DWP partnership teams for England, Scotland and Wales.



DWP works on the topics of employment, pensions and ageing society and welfare.

We are committed to developing strong and productive partnerships at a local, regional and national level. The local expertise we get from our external relationships helps us move people into and closer to work or claim any eligible benefits.

By working together we meet shared objectives and avoid duplication. We keep our partners up to date on welfare and policy changes, ensuring that everyone can access the support they need.

Contact the partnership team for your area to find out how we can work together.

DWP occasionally publishes details of local partnership opportunities with Jobcentre Plus. These provide work-focused activities to help people prepare for and move into employment.

Providing work-focused activities

DWP uses a Dynamic Purchasing System to buy work-focused activities to help people move into work. Get more information and find out how to bid for the opportunity to supply these activities on Contracts Finder.

Published 1 September 2013
Last updated 15 February 2019 + show all updates
  1. Updated the Group Partnership Development Manager for Scotland to Louise Cook.
  2. Updated the East and Central Midlands contact email address.
  3. Updated email address for Taj Singh, partnership manager for the West Midlands.
  4. Changed contact for North West England from Janet O'Reilly to Caireen Hammett.
  5. Replaced South East England contact with James Snelling.
  6. Added Janet O'Reilly as the contact for the North West.
  7. Added Sharon Riding as the new contact for North Central. Also added Steve McCuskin and Phil Adams as contacts for both the North West and the North East.
  8. Replaced contact for the North West - was Louise Doyle and is now Janet O'Reilly.
  9. Updated the contact for Wales. Changed 'London and Home Counties' to 'London and Essex' and 'East Midlands' to 'East and Central Midlands' as per the new geographical areas for Universal Credit.
  10. Added new contacts for the North West, South West, South East and the East and West Midlands of England.
  11. New contact details for North east, Yorkshire and Humber, North west England, Southern England and Scotland.
  12. Updated the National partnership team contact details for England, Scotland and Wales.
  13. Added information about the Dynamic Purchasing System to supply work focused activities.
  14. Revised contact information for partnership teams in Central England, Scotland and Wales.
  15. Revised contact information for partnership teams in southern England.
  16. Revised contact information for partnership teams in southern England.
  17. Revised contact information for partnership teams in Central England, North-west England and Southern England.
  18. Published revised ne and Yorks and southern England contacts.
  19. Updated national partnership contact details.
  20. Updated southern England partnerships contact details.
  21. Updated NE and NW England partnership contacts.
  22. Updated central England partnership contacts.
  23. Updated NE, Yorks and Humber DWP partnership contacts.
  24. Scotland: DWP partnership contacts updated
  25. First published.