Providing better information and protection for consumers

Supporting detail:

Consumer rights bill

The government has introduced the Consumer Rights Bill into parliament to clarify and simplify consumer rights. The Bill aims to make consumers better informed and better protected.

Subject to Parliamentary approval, the Bill will come into force on 1 October 2015.

Consumer confidence

The Bill will:

  • clarify the standards a consumer can expect when they buy something
  • set out what to do when goods, services or digital content don’t meet those standards
  • clarify when terms and conditions can be considered unfair


The Bill will:

  • simplify enforcement powers
  • make it easier to deal with rogue traders
  • make it easier for small businesses to take legal action against bigger companies breaking competition laws

See the government response to consultations on consumer rights and the plans to implement the measures in the Bill.

For more information, see the Consumer Rights Bill website.