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  1. Customs, Excise and VAT fraud reporting

    VAT, Fraud and tax evasion , Customs and Excise

    Contact HMRC to report all types of smuggling, misuse of red diesel, customs, excise and VAT fraud

  2. Payment Problems

    Paying , National Insurance, Income Tax, Self Assessment, Corporation Tax, Self-employed, VAT

    Call HMRC if you're having problems making a payment before the deadline, including if you can’t pay due to banking restrictions in Greece

  3. VAT: Annual Accounting and Flat Rate Schemes


    Write to HMRC to join or leave the Annual Accounting and Flat Rate schemes or to change your details

  4. VAT: correct errors on your VAT Return


    Call or write to HMRC for help with reporting errors on your VAT Return

  5. VAT: general enquiries

    VAT, Textphone, Change personal details

    Contact HMRC with questions about VAT and to report changes to your business

  6. VAT: insolvency


    Send your VAT Return to HMRC if you or your business becomes bankrupt or insolvent

  7. VAT: online services

    VAT, Textphone, Online Services

    Use the online form or call HMRC for help with all VAT online services

  8. VAT: option to tax


    Email, call or write to HMRC for help on opting to tax land or buildings for VAT purposes

  9. VAT: overseas repayments for non-UK businesses


    Contact HMRC about reclaiming VAT paid in the UK if your business is based overseas

  10. VAT: payment slips

    VAT, Paying

    Use the online form or call HMRC to order VAT paying-in slips

  11. VAT: registration applications, exceptions and changes


    Use online forms or write to HMRC to register for VAT and keep your VAT registration details up to date

  12. VAT: reliefs for disabled and older people


    Contact HMRC for information about VAT reliefs available for disabled and older people

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