About us

We incorporate and dissolve limited companies. We register company information and make it available to the public.

More than 4 million limited companies are registered in the UK. Over 500,000 new companies are incorporated each year.

What is Companies House?

Who we are

We employ around 1,000 staff in our UK offices. Company registrations for England and Wales are carried out in Cardiff. Registrations for Scotland and Northern Ireland are carried out in Edinburgh and Belfast. Our London office provides search services, and documents can be delivered here.

Registrar of Companies

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, and Chief Executive of Companies House is Louise Smyth. She’s based at Companies House in Cardiff.

The Registrar of Companies for Scotland is Lisa Davis. She’s based in Edinburgh.

The Registrar of Companies for Northern Ireland is Lynn Cooper. She’s based in Belfast.

Our responsibilities

Our main responsibilities are to:

  • incorporate and dissolve limited companies
  • examine and store company information
  • make information available to the public

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • provide excellence in company registration and search
  • make the register as complete and accurate as possible
  • build a high performance culture


Information on the services we offer. Read our customer charter which sets out the standards of service we aim to provide.

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Read about the types of information we routinely publish in our Publication scheme. Find out about our commitment to Welsh language scheme. Our Personal information charter explains how we treat your personal information. Read our policy on Social media use. Find out About our services.