Our governance

The main decision-making board, audit and remuneration committees at Companies House.

Main board

The main board:

  • consists of the chair, the chief executive, executive directors and non-executive board members
  • handles all aspects of our organisation, including performance, finances and strategic direction
  • reports to the Department for Business and Trade on our governance, strategy, priorities and progress

Main board members

Audit and risk assurance committee

The audit and risk assurance committee supports the main board and acts as a non-executive advisory body. The committee reports to the Accounting Officer (Chief Executive and Registrar) on audit and corporate governance issues.

One of the members acts as chair.

The committee asks the Accounting Officer, Finance Director, Head of Assurance, Risk and Consultancy and a representative from the National Audit Office to attend meetings by invitation.

Other people with specialist skills, knowledge and experience are invited to attend when appropriate.

Audit and risk assurance committee members

Remuneration committee

The committee approves the Companies House annual pay remit, and reports its activities and findings to the board.

Remuneration committee members