Statistics at Companies House

Companies House releases quarterly, six monthly and yearly statistics on company register activity, register size and late filing penalties.

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Statistics released prior to August 2014 can be found on The National Archives.


Incorporated Companies in the UK

Our Incorporated Companies in the UK publication provides statistics on company incorporations, dissolutions and total and effective register sizes for all companies, public companies and limited liability partnerships.

It also provides statistics on liquidations and other forms of insolvency. This publication was released on a monthly basis until July 2016. It’s now moved to being published on a quarterly basis, with statistics for July to September 2016 being published in October 2016.

Companies Register Activities

Our Companies Register Activities provides annual figures on incorporations, dissolutions and total and effective register sizes. Also provides information on average age of companies on the register and average age of companies in liquidation / the course of dissolution, as well as on overseas corporate bodies with a presence in the UK. Statistics cover the period 1 April to 31 March and the report is published each year in the summer following the end of the financial year.

Late Filing Penalties Statistics

A statistical report on late filing penalties imposed and appeals received for private, public limited companies and limited liability partnerships. This report is published on a six monthly basis with statistics covering the periods April to September and October to March.

Definitions to accompany official statistics publications

You can find definitions for the main terms used in Companies House official statistics publications in the Companies House official statistics: definitions document that accompanies the statistical releases.

Information about the quality of our official statistics

Our official statistics quality information document enables users to judge whether or not the data are of sufficient quality for their intended use.

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