Trade with the UK as a business based in the EU

If you run an EU-based business, check what your business needs to know to continue trading with the UK.


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Moving goods into and out of the UK

Rules have changed and there are border requirements placed on the movement of goods between the EU and UK.

Specific rules for importing and exporting goods

You must check with your country’s customs authority what customs procedures will need to be applied for bringing goods from the UK to the EU.

Taxes and tariffs

Find out more about taxes and tariffs for EU businesses trading with the UK.

Use the EU search tool to find out what Customs Duty and VAT you need to apply when trading with the UK

The EU and UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement establishes zero tariffs or quotas on trade between the UK and the EU, where goods meet the relevant rules of origin.

What EU businesses need to consider when transferring data to and from the UK.

Travelling for business and working in the UK

What EU citizens need to do if they are working in the UK.

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