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Updated 11 March 2021

This international treaty was withdrawn on

Since the text of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement was agreed in December 2020, it has undergone a final process of legal revision in accordance with Article FINPROV.9 (now Article 780), and the version published below represents the version agreed in December, prior to this process. The substance of the Agreement has not changed; however, typographical and other errors have been corrected and the Articles have been renumbered from Article 1 – 783. Please see the final version of the agreement, following the outcome of the legal revision process, here.

The European Union (Future Relationship) Act 2020 (“the Act”) contains references to parts of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement that have now been updated as part of the process of legal revision, such as the article numbers of that Agreement. This does not change how the Act functions in practice and its substance should continue to be interpreted in the way that it has been to date. The references to the Agreement in the Act will be updated via secondary legislation in due course to reflect the new numbering in the Agreement.