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Published 23 September 2014
Last updated 4 January 2022 + show all updates
  1. New text has been added to inform our users of the new UK National Security and Investment Act 2021 that comes into effect fully from 4 January 2022. Businesses and investors should check the guidance to understand what types of acquisitions are covered by the new rules.

  2. Bubblewrap Waffle case study added

  3. Intellectual Property: Video Wales case study removed as they are no longer trading.

  4. Sugru case study removed.

  5. Dark Star case study removed.

  6. IP Basics added.

  7. New copyright case study added - Satureyes Photography.

  8. Design case study Intellectual Property:Stuart Scott added.

  9. New case study, Intellectual Property: Smiffys added.

  10. Intellectual Property made easy added under Business Guidance section. Intellectual Property made easy is a series of youtube videos.

  11. New patent case study added - Intellectual Property: Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd.

  12. Intellectual property insurance detailed guide added to the collection.

  13. These Please designs case study added to the collection.

  14. Stateside Skates Ltd case study added.

  15. New patent case study, Intellectual Property: GripIt Fixings added.

  16. New case study added. Orphan works licensing scheme: Museum of the Order of St John.

  17. New designs case study added,Intellectual Property: Radwraps Ltd

  18. Mediation case study added.

  19. New designs case study added, Carbon Black.

  20. New copyright video case study added.

  21. Orphan works licensing scheme case study added.

  22. Exporting your intellectual property guide added.

  23. New case study added in designs section.

  24. Intellectual Property: Kwickscreen case study added.

  25. Irn Bru case study added.

  26. New trade mark case study added.

  27. Case study categories split into different headings and new case studies added.

  28. New guide "Why you should use an IP attorney" added to collection.

  29. New guide 'Why you should use a patent attorney' added.

  30. Out of date guide IP health check: agreeing a price for IP rights now replaced by new guide Valuing your IP.

  31. Outdated guide removed 'IP Health Check Licensing' replaced by new guide 'Licensing Intellectual Property'.

  32. Guidance on 'choosing right IP adviser' is out of date and is replaced in the business guidance group by 'Seeking intellectual property advice'.

  33. First published.