Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform

Find out about the new CAP schemes in England, including Basic Payment and Rural Development Programme for England schemes.

This collection brings together information on how the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) affects farmers. CAP is a system of agricultural subsidies and programmes covering farming, environmental measures and rural development. New schemes are being implemented in 2015.

Current scheme guidance including Basic Payment and Rural Development Programme for England schemes is available under rural grants and payments. We have also listed general information together with guidance on this page.

Basic Payment Scheme

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is the main rural payments scheme to help the farming industry. Our collection of guidance will help you find out more about the scheme and find out if you’re eligible.

Rural Development Programme schemes

Under the Rural Development Programme for England a number of schemes (including those under Countryside Stewardship) will become available during 2015. Links to current guidance are listed below or see rural grants and payments.

We’ve now published more details about Countryside Stewardship - how the scheme works, what current holders of agreements under previous schemes can apply for and the applications that can be made.

Policy and news background

For more information see reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the new schemes for farmers from 2015.

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