Test and certifcation application forms for lorries and trailers

Forms for applying for a test and certification for a lorry or trailer.

To prevent any delay in your application, please make sure you’ve fully completed the correct form for the test and any specialist certification you may need.

For more information or guidance with these forms see Annual tests and Specialist tests for lorries.

Apply for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and trailer first test

Use these forms to apply for your HGV and trailers first annual test.

  1. HGV first test application form (VTG1)

    • Form
  2. Trailer first test application form (VTG2)

    • Form

Notification of an alteration to a HGV

  1. Apply to change plated details or notifiable alterations for an HGV

    • Form

Apply for replacement plating and testing documents

  1. Apply for replacement HGV plating and testing documents (VTG59)

    • Form

HGV declaration forms

  1. HGV speed limiter exemption declaration form

    • Form
  2. HGV tachograph exemption declaration form

    • Form

Appeal your HGV and trailer annual test result

  1. HGV and trailer annual test appeal form (VTG17)

    • Form

HGV and trailer test fees

  1. Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and trailer test fees

    • Guidance