Lorry and trailer tests and certificates: forms

Forms for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and trailer annual tests (MOTs), alterations to an HGV, replacing documents, keepers’ certificates, ADR, TIR and LEC tests.

Record details of a new HGV

Use this form to record the details of a new HGV with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) so you:

  • get a ministry plate and plating certificate (if the vehicle needs them)
  • can book an annual test (MOT) for the vehicle

Annual test (MOT)

HGVs must be tested each year. The first test should be 12 months after the vehicle was first registered with DVLA.

Trailers must be tested one year after they were first sold or supplied.

Alteration to an HGV

Use this form to provide details of notifiable alterations, or to apply for a change of plated details of an HGV or trailer with a gross plated weight of over 3.5 tonnes, or apply for a design weight certificate.

Replace plating and test documents

Use this form to apply for replacement HGV plating and testing documents if the originals have been lost, stolen or defaced.

Certificate of keeper

Use these forms to get a keeper’s certificate for an HGV or an abnormal load trailer.

ADR test for carrying dangerous goods

The ADR is a specialist test for vehicles carrying dangerous or hazardous goods in bulk by road.

Use these forms to apply to have vehicles tested or get replacement certificates.

TIR tests for quicker border crossings

The TIR system allows UK customs officials to pack and seal goods before they’re transported outside the EU. The load won’t need to be inspected by customs officials at border crossings.

Vehicles must be approved to be used under the TIR system. There are 2 ways to do this. You can either:

  • get individual vehicles approved by having each one inspected
  • get a design approved for a series of vehicles, and then apply for a certificate for each vehicle that uses the design

Trailer entry into service

Use these forms to apply for permission to supply new large goods trailers or to get a trailer identification number (a ‘ministry number’) for new-build trailers.

Low Emissions Certificate (LEC) test

You can get your vehicle tested for a Low Emissions Certificate (LEC). This lets you drive in the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) without paying.

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