Bus and coach tests and certificates: forms

Forms for public service vehicle (PSV) annual tests (MOTs), alterations to a PSV, certificate of initial fitness (COIF), replacement documents and speed tests.

Annual test (MOT)

PSVs must be tested each year. The first test should be 12 months after the vehicle was first registered with DVLA.

Alteration to a PSV

Use this form if you make changes to the specification of a PSV.

Certificate of initial fitness (COIF)

Use this form to apply for a COIF for vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats which transport people for profit.

Replacement certificates

Use this form to apply for replacement:

  • test certificate
  • certificate of fitness
  • certificate of initial fitness
  • certificate of conformity
  • accessibility certificate
  • certificate of compliance
  • conformity certificate
  • carrying capacity authorisation

Speed examination

Use these forms to apply to allow your PSV to travel up to 100 kilometres per hour in France and Germany.

Low Emissions Certificate (LEC) test

You can get your vehicle tested for a Low Emissions Certificate (LEC). This lets you drive in the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) without paying.

Published 26 April 2013