Vehicle manufacturing and modification

The law on converting or making modifications to vehicles, vehicle manufacturing classification.


  • Trade licence plates

    Trade licence plates - who can use them, when they can be used and how to get a trade licence

  • Apply for a vehicle test or certificate for a lorry or trailer

    Send test and certificate forms using the technical application submission (TAS) service, including first time tests, notifiable alterations and replacing plating or test documents

  • Quad bikes: the rules

    To drive a road legal quad bike you must have it approved, registered, taxed and given an MOT if needed

  • Vehicle approval

    Type approval, individual (IVA), motorcycle single vehicle approval, voluntary approval, certificate of initial fitness, accessibility approval, fees, forms, replacement certificates

  • Replace HGV plating or test documents

    Apply to get replacement HGV plating and testing documents if the originals have been lost, stolen or defaced.

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