Guidance and regulation

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From Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Armed forces pensions

    Information related to the Armed Forces Pension Schemes.

  • Veterans UK Armed Forces Pensions forms

    Use these forms when claiming an Armed Forces Pension.

  • Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility

    Details of the medals awarded to serving members of the armed forces, veterans and MOD employees; and who can receive them.

  • Military low flying: RAF operational low flying training timetable

    Royal Air Force (RAF) operational low flying training timetables in 3 areas of the UK.

  • Request records of deceased service personnel

    Information and forms for requesting records of deceased service personnel.

  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)

    A compensation scheme for UK serving and former service personnel injured as a result of their service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

  • Service family accommodation

    A guide for service families about applying for, maintaining, moving in and out of and living in UK service family accommodation (SFA).

  • Veterans UK: contact us

    Information on how to contact Veterans UK and their services.

  • British Forces Post Office locations

    A list of British Forces Post Office (BFPO) locations, numbers and postcodes for Ministry of Defence (MOD).

  • War Pension Scheme (WPS)

    A compensation scheme for veterans for any injury or illness which has been caused by or made worse by their service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

  • Forces Help to Buy: help to get on the property ladder

    A scheme to help armed forces personnel get on the property ladder.

  • BFPO services guide

    How to use the British Forces Post Office, claim compensation and use the Enduring families free mail service (EFFMS).

  • Manual of Airworthiness Maintenance – Processes (MAM-P)

    This site hosts the MAM-P, which is co-owned and sponsored by the Commands, and information associated with the transition from MAP-01 to MAM-P.

  • Tri-service accommodation regulations (TSARs) (JSP 464)

    JSP 464 is the definitive policy for the provision of service family accommodation, single living accommodation and the substitute equivalents.

  • South East Training Estate firing times

    Firing and closure times for the South East Training Estate, including Aldershot, Ash, Barossa, Chilcomb, Hythe, Longmoor, Lydd, Moody's Down, Pirbright, Otmoor and Tipner Ranges.

  • Military low flying: MOD sponsored air exercises

    MOD sponsored low flying exercises within the UK low flying system.

  • Local Overseas Allowance (LOA)

    The new LOA will ensure that our service personnel, and their families, receive a more accurate contribution to additional costs incurred when serving overseas.

  • Public access to military areas

    Information about public access to military owned land.

  • Obtain information about yourself held by MOD

    Information and forms to request personal data held by the MOD for current or former civilian staff or members of the armed forces.

  • JSP 752 -Tri-Service regulations for expenses and allowances

    JSP 752 is the policy document for expenses and allowances for Regular and Reserve UK Armed Forces personnel.