Defence Gateway

The Defence Gateway (DGW) is the Ministry of Defence’s mandated 'single sign on' solution for extranet sites.


The Defence Gateway controls access to a cloud hosted environment for a number of websites, applications and mobile applications. It has been developed to provide simple and secure access to these resources so that any member of defence can securely collaborate, communicate and share information over the internet from any device.

The DGW draws on the principles and technologies the Cabinet Office (CO) recommends in its ICT Strategy. Its websites and applications are hosted on a private cloud delivered via the Government Digital Marketplace which is supported under the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework contract. This represents a step change in the method of procuring and delivering a defence wide ICT environment and does so with the advantages of global availability free from the constraints of dedicated networks and hardware.

The DGW is provided as a service for defence by Army Information Services (AIS) based within army headquarters, Andover. It is available for hosting and providing access to websites and applications as well as for the exploitation of these resources.

Websites and applications available behind the DGW include:

  • a mobile applications store for hosting and accessing defence mobile applications

  • Armynet, a website providing information to the army community

  • Defence Mail, an email service

  • ATG(A), the official Adventurous Training portal for defence

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for document collaboration and storage

  • Acquisition System Guidance (ASG), a website defining how defence conducts, governs and controls acquisition

  • UK Defence Standardization (DSTAN), a website providing performance specifications for the delivery of military capability

  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), an application providing information sharing and virtual learning for cadets at Sandhurst

  • Westminster, an application for the management of cadet activity

  • social collaboration software based on the Jive platform, known as Defence Connect

  • The Defence Learning Environment (DLE) which provides e-learning courses for MOD staff

  • a bookstore providing defence books, publications and journals for reading on line or downloading

  • a website providing information on the Defence Interactive Operating Model (DIOM)

  • MODBOX, a secure file storage and sharing application that provides a similar function to the commercially available software Dropbox

  • access to a version of the open source survey tool LimeSurvey

  • British Defence Film Library (BDFL), a site that enables users to order material held by the library on DVD

  • British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) Player which allows serving members of the British forces and their dependants access to British TV, sport and BFBS Radio live online

  • a bespoke content management system for the development of websites.

MOD staff/service personnel

The Defence Gateway is a dedicated site for MOD staff/military personnel only.

DGW can be accessed via any internet connection accessed via any internet connect. To access the Defence Gateway, MOD staff/military personnel users are required to set up a user account and login. This is simple to do by clicking on the ‘Register’ link.

Contact us

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Access the Defence Gateway

The Defence Gateway can be accessed here.

Published 3 May 2013
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