Benefits: report a change in your circumstances

You need to say if your circumstances change while you’re claiming benefit.

You’ll need to pay the money back if you’re overpaid because you didn’t report a change. You could also be fined up to £2,000, get a criminal record or lose your benefits for up to 3 years.

Changes that might affect your benefits

Your benefits might go up or down if you’ve:

  • started or stopped working or changed your hours
  • started or stopped living with a partner
  • had a baby
  • started full-time education or training
  • rented out a room in your home
  • been abroad for more than 8 weeks

There are lots of other reasons why your benefits might be affected.

Call 0345 608 8545 or textphone 0800 169 0133 if you’re not sure if your claim needs updating.

There a different number for reporting changes affecting Pension Credit.

How to report changes

Contact Jobcentre Plus