Guidance and regulation

  1. Humanitarian Response Funding Guidelines for NGOs
  2. International Humanitarian Law and the UK government
  3. Briefing paper: Violence against Women and Girls in Humanitarian Emergencies
  4. Forum on protracted forced displacement: co-hosts summary
  5. Joint NGO statement at international conference to defeat Ebola in Sierra Leone
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News and communications

  1. IOM Council: UK Statement
  2. UK aid to provide life-saving assistance to hundreds of thousands of Afghans at risk from severe drought
  3. We can't let war children be forgotten generation
  4. Allowing peace and stability to prevail in the Middle East
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Research and statistics

  1. DFID response to ICAI recommendations on: the UK’s humanitarian support to Syria
  2. What works in addressing violence against women and girls? Lessons from the Typhoon Haiyan response
  3. DFID management response ICAI UNRWA Report
  4. DFID management response to the ICAI recommendations on DFID’s humanitarian emergency response in the Horn of Africa progress update March 2013
  5. The Economics of Early Response and Disaster Resilience: Lessons from Kenya and Ethiopia
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Factsheet: The UK's humanitarian aid response to the Syria crisis
  2. UK National Committee on International Humanitarian Law: terms of reference
  3. Department for International Development single departmental plan
  4. Iraq crisis: UK humanitarian response factsheet
  5. UK government support for countries worst hit by Hurricane Sandy
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