Safety and the environment in your community


  1. Fireworks: the law

    You can't buy or use fireworks if you're under 18, and you must not set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am, except on certain occasions

  2. Green Deal: energy saving for your home

    Green Deal home and business energy-saving improvements - assessments, repayments, Home Improvement Fund scheme

  3. Garden bonfires: the rules

    The rules about having garden bonfires, burning domestic waste, complaining about a neighbour's bonfire, fines

  4. Smoke control areas: the rules

    In smoke control areas you can only use certain types of fuel or exempt appliances - find out if you live in one and what you can burn

  5. Controlling your dog in public

    You can be fined if your dog is out of control in public - find out about Dog Control Orders, banned dogs, dog fouling and reporting a dangerous dog

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News and communications

Research and statistics

  1. Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) reports
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