Regulatory judgements and regulatory notices: A to Z list

The Regulator of Social Housing publishes assessments on how well registered providers are meeting regulatory standards.


A2Dominion Housing Group Limited
Abbeyfield Dorcas Society Limited
Abbeyfield Society (The)
Abbeyfield Wallasey Society
Accent Group Limited
Accord Housing Association Limited
Acis Group Limited
Adactus Housing Group Limited
Advance Housing and Support Limited
Aldwyck Housing Group Limited
Almshouses of William & Rebecca Pearce
Anchor Trust
Arawak Walton Housing Association Limited
Arches Housing Limited
Arcon Housing Association Limited
Aspire Housing Limited
Aster Group Limited


B3 Living Limited
Bernicia Group Limited
Black Country Housing Group Limited
Bolton at Home Limited
Boston Mayflower Limited
Bournemouth Churches Housing Association Limited
Bournville Village Trust
bpha Limited
Bracknell Forest Homes Limited
Broadacres Housing Association Limited
Broadland Housing Association Limited
Bromford Housing Group Limited
Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Limited
Byker Community Trust Limited


Calico Homes Limited
Cambridge Housing Society Limited
Castles & Coasts Housing Association
Catalyst Housing Limited
Central and Cecil Housing Trust
Charity of Annie Kew
Chelmer Housing Partnership Limited
Cheshire Peaks & Plains Housing Trust
Christian Action (Enfield) Housing Association Limited
City West Housing Trust Limited
Clarion Housing Group Limited
Coast & Country Housing Limited
Coastline Housing Limited
Colne Housing Society Limited
Community Gateway Association Limited
Community Housing Group Limited (The)
Connect Housing Association Limited
Connexus Housing Association Limited
Cornerstone Housing Limited
Cottsway Housing Association Limited
County Durham Housing Group Limited
Creative Support Limited
Cross Keys Homes Limited
Croydon Churches Housing Association Limited
Curo Group (Albion) Limited


Dame Bertha Lopes Almshouses
Devon and Cornwall Housing Limited
Durham Aged Mineworkers’ Homes Association


East End Homes Limited
East Midlands Housing Group
Eden Housing Association Limited
Empowering People Inspiring Communities Limited
English Rural Housing Association Limited
Enham Trust
Equity Housing Group Limited
Estuary Housing Association Limited
Expectations (UK)


First Choice Homes Oldham Limited
First Priority Housing Association Limited
Flagship Housing Group Limited
Fortis Living Group
ForViva Group Limited
Freebridge Community Housing Limited
Futures Housing Group Limited


Gateway Housing Association Limited
Genesis Housing Association Limited
Gentoo Group Limited
Gloucester City Homes Limited
Golden Lane Housing Ltd
Golding Homes
Grand Union Housing Group Limited
Great Places Housing Group Limited
Greenfields Community Housing Association
Greensquare Group Limited
Guinness Partnership Limited (The)


Habinteg Housing Association Limited
Halton Housing Trust Limited
Hanover Housing Association
Harman Atwood for Almshouses and Curates House
Hastoe Housing Association
Havebury Housing Partnership (The)
Hexagon Housing Association Limited
Hightown Housing Association Limited
Home Group Limited
Housing & Care 21
Housing Plus Group Limited
Housing Solutions Limited
Howard Cottage Housing Association
Hundred Houses Society Limited
Hyde Housing Association Limited


Impact Housing Association Limited
Incommunities Group Limited
Industrial Dwellings Society (1885) Limited
Inquilab Housing Association Limited
Irwell Valley Housing Association Limited
Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association


Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust Limited
Joseph Chariott’s Charity
Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust


Karbon Homes Limited
Knightstone Housing Group Limited
Knowsley Housing Trust


Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association Limited
Leeds Federated Housing Association Limited
Liverpool Mutual Homes Limited
Livin Housing Limited
Local Space Limited
London & Quadrant Housing Trust
Longhurst Group Limited
Look Ahead Care and Support Limited
Luminus Group Limited


Magna Housing Limited
Manningham Housing Association Limited
Mercy House of William Fry
Merlin Housing Society Limited
Metropolitan Housing Trust Limited
Midland Heart Limited
Moat Homes Limited
Mosscare St. Vincent’s Housing Group Limited
Mount Green Housing Association Limited
Muir Group Housing Association Limited


Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association Limited
Network Housing Group Limited
New Charter Housing Trust Limited
Newlon Housing Trust
North Devon Homes Limited
North Hertfordshire Homes Limited
North Star Housing Group Limited
Nottingham Community Housing Association Limited
Notting Hill Housing Trust
NSAH (Alliance Homes) Limited


Ocean Housing Group Limited
Octavia Housing
One Housing Group Limited
One Manchester Limited
One Vision Housing Limited
Ongo Homes Limited
Onward Homes Limited
Orbit Group Limited
Origin Housing Limited
Orwell Housing Association Limited


Paradigm Housing Group Limited
Paragon Asra Housing Limited
Peabody Trust
Phoenix Community Housing Association (Bellingham and Downham) Limited
Pickering and Ferens Homes
Pierhead Housing Association Limited
Pioneer Housing and Community Group Limited (The)
Places for People Group Limited
Plus Dane Housing Group Limited
Plymouth Community Homes
Poplar HARCA Limited
Progress Housing Group Limited


Radian Group Limited
Railway Housing Association and Benefit Fund
Raven Housing Trust Limited
Red Kite Community Housing Limited
Regenda Limited
Richmond Housing Partnership Limited
Riverside Group Limited (The)
Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Limited
Rooftop Housing Group Limited
Rosebery Housing Association Limited


Saffron Housing Trust Limited
Salix Homes Limited
Salvation Army Housing Association
Sanctuary Housing Association
Saxon Weald Homes Limited
Selwood Housing Society Limited
Severn Vale Housing Society Limited
Shepherds Bush Housing Association Limited
Shoreline Housing Partnership Limited
Soha Housing Limited
SOLON South West Housing Association Limited
Southern Housing Group Limited
South Lakes Housing
South Liverpool Homes Limited
Southway Housing Trust (Manchester) Limited
South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited
Sovereign Housing Association Limited
Stafford & Rural Homes Limited
Staffordshire Housing Association Limited
St Mungo Community Housing Association
Stonewater Limited
Suffolk Housing Society Limited
Sustain (UK) Limited
Swan Housing Association Limited


Teign Housing
Thames Valley Housing Association Limited
Thirteen Group Limited
Thrive Homes Limited
Together Housing Group Limited
Torus62 Limited
Tower Hamlets Community Housing Limited
Town and Country Housing Group
Trafford Housing Trust Limited
Trent & Dove Housing Limited
Trident Housing Association Limited
Tuntum Housing Association Limited
Two Rivers Housing


United Housing Association Limited
Unity Housing Association Limited


Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust
Victory Housing Trust
Vivid Housing Limited


Wakefield and District Housing Limited
Walsall Housing Group Limited
Wandle Housing Association Limited
Warrington Housing Association Limited
Waterloo Housing Group Limited
Watford Community Housing Trust
WATMOS Community Homes
Weaver Vale Housing Trust Limited
Wellingborough Homes Limited
West Kent Housing Association
Westward Housing Group Limited
Windrush Alliance UK Community Interest Company Limited
Wirral Partnership Homes Limited
WM Housing Group Limited
Worthing Homes Limited
Wrekin Housing Group Limited (The)
Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Limited


Yarlington Housing Group
Yorkshire Coast Homes Limited
Yorkshire Housing Limited
Your Housing Group Limited
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