Correct a cattle birth, movement or death error

What to do if you realise you’ve submitted incorrect information or mistakenly reported an animal as dead or missing.

If you have submitted incorrect information when reporting a birth, death or movement to the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), you must contact BCMS as soon as you become aware of the error. BCMS will advise you about what action to take and amend its records.

You will need to explain the issue, and give details including your County Parish Holding (CPH) number and the animal’s ear tag number.

Animals reported dead or missing by mistake

If you have reported an animal as dead or missing in error, you must inform BCMS as soon as you become aware of the problem. You must not move the animal without a valid passport.

Contact BCMS immediately

Send a letter or email to BCMS, or use the ‘Contact BCMS’ facility in CTS Online. Explain the problem and include your CPH number and the ear tag number.

What to expect from BCMS

BCMS will carry out checks and if possible reissue a passport within 15 days.

If the checks are unsuccessful, then BCMS may not reissue a passport. Instead, it will issue a notice of registration.

Contact BCMS

British Cattle Movement Service

Curwen Road
Derwent Howe
CA14 2DD

Normal BCMS helpline opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm, closed weekends and bank holidays. All calls charged at local rate.

A Welsh version of this page is also available

Published 6 May 2014