Register with CTS Online to represent cattle keepers as an agent

What an agent must do to communicate with the Cattle Tracing System on behalf of a keeper of cattle, bison or buffalo.

Applies to England and Wales

Cattle keepers can appoint agents to act on their behalf, including authorising them to use the Cattle Tracing System Online service.

Before you can act as an agent and use the Cattle Tracing System (CTS) Online service to report births, deaths and movements on behalf of a cattle keeper, you need to register as an agent.

You must complete agreement forms for each of your clients, and get a client link so that you can access their records through CTS Online.

Complete an agent registration for CTS Online

You can download a copy of the registration form (PDF, 137 KB, 1 page) or ask for a form by:

  • phoning the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) on 0345 050 1234 (or 0345 050 3456 for cattle keepers in Wales)
  • emailing

Complete the application form and return it to BCMS at the address on the form.

BCMS will:

  • register your details on the Cattle Tracing System (CTS) Online database
  • send you a letter with your unique Agent ID
  • send you a separate letter with a reference number for CTS Online

To access CTS Online you need to register for the Government Gateway as an agent.

Register to access client records

Before you can act for your client, you must both complete the application form for agent access to records on CTS Online. You can:

Both you and your client must sign and date the form and return it to BCMS at the address on the form.

BCMS will set up a relationship (link) on the CTS database between you as the agent, and your client under their holding number. They will then send letters to confirm that you can begin to act for your client.

Published 6 May 2014
Last updated 4 October 2021 + show all updates
  1. This guidance has been updated to show it no longer applies to Scotland.

  2. CTSW1 and CTSW2 forms updated for accessibility

  3. Government gateway Link Updated

  4. CTSW1 form updated

  5. First published.