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Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur travel advice

Travel advice for Tottenham Hotspur fans travelling to Turin, Italy, for the Champions League match against Juventus on 13 February 2018.


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Passports and visas

  • you don’t need a visa to travel to Italy on a British passport from the UK, but your passport should be valid for the duration of your stay
  • remember your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) but also take out travel insurance, even if you’re only going for one night - it could save you a lot of money if you get into difficulties
  • you must carry ID with you at all times - you’ll need to carry your passport to the match to gain entry to the stadium
  • if you lose your passport, you’ll need to get an Emergency Travel Document from the British Consulate-General in Milan or the British Embassy in Rome; you’ll need to supply a police report (if your passport was stolen), flight reservation and one photo; the fee is £100.00. See our services
  • British Embassy Rome

Getting to the stadium

Local information and transport links:

  • roads in Turin are organised on a grid system and the city’s easy to navigate on foot, by bus/tram and metro. Tickets cost €1.50 and you can buy them from newsagents and certain bars. They must be franked in the machine when you board any means of transport. The same ticket can be used for 90 minutes on buses and trams, but only once on the Metro. A one-day ticket is available for €5 lasting 24 hours from the time of first franking
  • local transport info is available on GTT (in English)
  • travelling to Turin / to the stadium: Juventus Stadium can easily be reached by train from anywhere in Italy. More information is available on Trenitalia.

On arriving in Turin, from Porta Nuova and Porta Susa train stations, head to the dedicated shuttle buses that leave from the Bernini subway stop.

From Porta Nuova and Porta Susa (underground stop: 18 Dicembre) take the underground in the direction of Fermi. Get off at Bernini, from where the shuttle bus 9B will take you directly to the Juventus Stadium on matchdays. The last departure is 45 minutes after the end of the match.

You can reach the Juventus Stadium by bus on the following lines: 62, 72, 75, 3 and 9B (only on matchdays)

At the match

  • large amounts of coins, belts with large buckles and heavy cigarette lighters aren’t allowed in the stadium; check with Tottenham Hotspur FC if you need more information about the rules on banners/flags
  • arrive at the stadium in good time as entry/security procedures may take some time to complete; at the end of the game you’ll be asked to stay in the stadium for a short time to allow the home supporters’ area to be cleared
  • the Italian government has a zero tolerance policy on hooliganism both inside and outside the stadium


  • beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers at airports, railway station (Stazione Ferroviaria), around the town centre and when using public transport; only carry what you need, leave spare cash and valuables in hotel safety deposits
  • if you’re travelling in a car, remember to always lock the vehicle and never leave valuables inside; hire cars and foreign registered vehicles are more of a target for thieves

Contact the British Consulate-General in Milan

British Consulate-General Milan
Via San Paolo, 7
20121 – Milan
Tel. +39 02 72 3001

Published 9 February 2018