You may still be able to claim some benefits if you travel or move abroad, or if you’re already living abroad. What you’re entitled to depends on where you’re going and how long for.

Who to contact if you’re going abroad

Tell your local Jobcentre Plus or the office that pays your benefit if you’re going abroad. If it’s a temporary move, tell them when you’re coming back.

You must also tell HMRC if you’re leaving the UK.

Claiming when abroad

If you’re going to (or are already living in) a European Economic Area (EEA) country or a country with a special agreement with the UK, you may be able to claim:

  • UK-based benefits
  • benefits provided by the country you’re going to

You can also claim your State Pension abroad.

Claiming benefits in an EEA country or Switzerland

If you’re living in or planning to go to an EEA country or Switzerland you may be able to get some UK benefits.

Find out if you can get benefits in the EEA or Switzerland.

When you get your payment

The date you get your payment depends on which benefit you claim.

If you live abroad and your payment is due in the same week as a US federal holiday, it could arrive one day late. This is because a US company processes these payments.

Benefit fraud

You’re committing benefit fraud if you:

  • do not tell the office that pays your benefit you’re going abroad, even if it’s just for a visit
  • deliberately do not report a change in your circumstances while abroad, like buying a property, working, or claiming a pension or benefit from another country
  • are dishonest in order to get benefits, like continuing to claim the pension or benefit of someone who has died overseas