You’ll need to be in the UK for 3 weeks to renew a British passport, or 6 weeks to apply for a first British passport, if you’re visiting the UK.

It can take longer if more information is needed or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly.

Adult passport renewals

To renew your passport, use the:

Child passport renewals

Use the:

First adult passport

To apply for a first adult passport, you must use the standard application process. This takes about 6 weeks, and you may have to attend an interview.

First child passport

If your child has already had a British child passport and they’re nearly or over 16, use the:

If your child has been included on your passport or they’ve never had a passport of their own, apply for a first child passport. This should take 3 weeks.

If you apply while you’re in the UK, your passport can only be delivered to a UK address - don’t book any travel until you’ve got it.