You can renew or replace your passport at any time. It costs £72.50, or £82.25 through the Post Office’s Passport Check and Send service.

When you renew your passport, the time left on your existing passport is added to your new one, up to a maximum of 9 months.

There are different ways to apply if you’re outside the UK.

How long it takes

It should take 3 weeks to get the passport - use a different service if you need the passport urgently.

It can take longer if more information is needed or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly.

Don’t book travel until you have a valid passport - doing so is at your own risk.

If your passport expires in the next 9 months

If you’re living in the UK and your details are staying the same you can:

You must renew your expired passport before you can travel.

If your passport has been lost, damaged, stolen or your details have changed

If you’re living in the UK you can:

If you’re replacing a lost or stolen passport, you may have to attend an interview and your application may take longer.

You must replace your passport as soon as possible if it has more than reasonable wear and tear - you may not be allowed to travel with it.

If you’ve changed your name (eg through marriage, changed the spelling or added a middle name), you must send extra documents with your application.


If you use the new online passport application service you’ll need to take a photo of yourself using a digital camera or smartphone.

If you send your application by post or use the Passport Check and Send service you’ll need 2 identical new photos of yourself.

Your application can be delayed if you don’t follow the rules about passport photos.


Get your application form and 1 of your photos signed by someone else to prove your identity if either:

  • you can’t be recognised from the photo in your existing passport
  • you’re replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport

Unexpired visas

If you’re renewing your passport, send your previous passport with the visa attached to it with your application. Your previous passport will be returned to you.

Carry both passports if you want to use the visa in the previous passport.

Send your application

Online applications

The online application process will tell you the documents you’ll need to send and where to send them.

Paper applications

You can:

  • post your form using the pre-printed envelope that comes with the form (include your photos and supporting documents)
  • use the Passport Check and Send service (you can’t use this if you apply online)


You’ll need a credit or debit card to apply online.

If you apply by post, you can either pay by:

  • debit or credit card - fill in the form in the application pack
  • cheque (made payable to ‘Her Majesty’s Passport Office’)

Tracking your passport application

You can track your passport application immediately if you apply online or after 3 weeks if you apply by post.

Receiving your new passport

Your new passport will be sent to you either by courier or Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

The postman or courier will deliver your passport with the rest of your post or leave you a card to tell you where to collect your passport or arrange redelivery.

The ‘missed delivery’ card won’t say that the package contains your passport.