Who can apply

You can apply for a first adult passport if all of the following apply:

  • you’re a British national
  • you’re aged 16 or over (or will be in 3 weeks)
  • you’ve never had a UK passport before

You must also apply if your last UK passport was issued before 1 January 1994.

You can use your child passport until it expires, even if you’re over 18.

An adult passport is valid for 10 years.

How long it takes

Check how long it will take to get a passport before you apply.

If you need a passport to travel urgently for medical treatment or because a friend or family member is seriously ill or has died, call the Passport Adviceline.

Do not book travel until you get your passport.

Ways to apply

If you’re in the UK, you can either:

It’s taking longer to process paper applications than online applications at the moment because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Use the online service to get your passport.

There’s a different way to apply if you’re overseas.