Passport Check and Send service

Some Post Offices can check your passport application form - called ‘Check and Send’. It’s less likely that your application will be rejected if you use Check and Send.

You can only use Check and Send if you’ve filled in a paper form from the Post Office. You can’t use this service if you apply online.

Find a Post Office that offers the Check and Send service - choose ‘Passport Check and Send’ from the drop down list.

Take your completed paper application form, photos and supporting documents if you need them to the Post Office.

What the service does

The Post Office Check and Send service will check you’ve:

  • filled in the right sections of the paper form
  • got the right supporting documents (including photos)
  • paid the right fee

They will send your application to Her Majesty’s Passport Office by Special Delivery.

Using Check and Send is usually faster than posting your own application. Her Majesty’s Passport Office may still need to contact either you or your countersignatory to check details.

Using the Check and Send service doesn’t guarantee your passport application will be successful.

Cost of passport with Check and Send

Check and Send costs £9.75 on top of the normal passport fee.

Passport type Total cost
Adult 34-page passport £94.75
Adult 50-page passport £104.75
Child passport £68.25

The Check and Send service is free if you qualify for a free passport.

How to pay

You can pay using:

  • cash
  • credit or debit card
  • postal order (payable to ‘Post Office Limited’)

You can ask for a refund of the Check and Send fee (£9.75) if the Post Office makes a mistake checking your form. You can’t get any other refund if your application is rejected.