Renew a child passport

You can apply to renew a child passport online or by post.

If your child’s passport has expired, you must renew it before they can travel.

Do not book travel until you have a valid passport - the new passport will not have the same number as the old one.

If your child’s name or other personal details have changed, you cannot renew their passport. You must apply for a new passport instead.

Renewing a passport before it expires

You need at least 6 months left on your passport to travel to certain countries. Check the entry requirements of the country your child is visiting to see how much time they need on their passport before they travel.

Time left on your child’s old passport will not be added to their new one.

Travelling to the EU, EEA or Switzerland

On the day of travel to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, your child will need 6 months left on their passport.

This rule does not apply to travel to Ireland. You can continue to use a passport as long as it’s valid for the length of the stay.

If your child’s passport is burgundy or has ‘European Union’ on the cover, they can still use it as long as it has enough time left on it.

Supporting documents

To renew your child’s passport you’ll need:

  • your child’s old passport
  • any valid passports from a different country your child might have
  • any court orders (for example that describe parental responsibility or residency arrangements)

You’ll also need either digital or printed photos of your child.

Renew online

It costs £49. You can pay with a credit or debit card.

You’ll need:

Renew online

Ask someone to confirm your child’s identity

If your child is under 12, you’ll need to ask someone to confirm their identity after you’ve submitted the application.

Let the person know that they’ll receive an email from HM Passport Office telling them what to do. They’ll confirm your child’s identity online - they do not need to sign a printed photo.

Find out who can confirm your child’s identity and what they need to do.

Renew by post

It costs £58.50.

You need to fill in a paper application form. You can get a paper form by either:

Fill in sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9 of the form. Your child needs to sign section 6 if they’re 12 or over.

If your child is 11 or under or cannot be recognised from their old passport photo you’ll need to get someone else, known as a ‘countersignatory’, to fill in section 10 and certify your child’s photo.

Read the booklet that comes with the form if you need help with your application.

To send your application you can either:

  • post your form, photos and documents using the pre-printed envelope that comes with the form
  • take your form, photos and documents to the Post Office if you want to use the Passport Check and Send service

Signing the application

Someone with parental responsibility must sign the form.

If your child is 12 to 15 they need to sign the form too.

Countersigning the application

If your child is under 12, you’ll need to get their application and one of their photos countersigned.

If your child is 12 or over, you only need to do this if they cannot be recognised from the photo in their current passport.

Choose how you want your documents sent back

Your documents will be sent back to you by normal post, but you can pay an extra £5 to get them sent by secure delivery. Choose this service on your application if you want to use it.

Getting your passport

Your new passport will be sent to you by courier or Royal Mail. They’ll either:

  • post it through your letterbox
  • hand it to you if you’re home
  • leave a card or post you a letter saying how you can get it (it will not say the package is your passport)

You can track your passport application.

  1. Step 1 Plan your trip

  2. Step 2 Get your passport, visas and permits ready

    How much time you need on your passport depends on the country you're visiting. Check the entry requirements for the country you want to travel to.

    1. Check your passport has enough time left on it for the country you're visiting
    2. Renew or replace your passport
    3. Get a passport for your child

    You may also need a visa to enter some countries.

    1. Check if you need a visa or permit
  3. Step 3 Get travel insurance and check if you need vaccinations or inoculations

  4. Step 4 Travel safely during COVID-19

  5. Step 5 Going through border control

    You may need to show paperwork such as your passport or visa. You may also need a negative COVID-19 test result or to demonstrate your COVID-19 vaccination status at the point of entry.

    1. Check the entry requirements for the country you are travelling to or transiting through
  6. Step 6 When you're abroad

  7. Step 7 Before you return to the UK

  8. Step 8 After you arrive in the UK