DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates

This series brings together all documents relating to DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates.

UK statistics authority assessment of the DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates series

Following a report by the Office for Statistics Regulation in December 2018, the following DCMS Sector Economic Estimates were designated as National Statistics on 26th June 2019:

  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: GVA
  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Regional GVA
  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Business Demographics
  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Employment

Since the report we have striven to improve our publications by providing summaries of other notable sources of data, more detail on the nature and extent of the overlap between the sectors, and further information on the quality and limitations of the data. We will continue to improve the series in the future, in line with the recommendations of the report.

Public consultation - Economic Estimates Methodology

The consultation on methods to produce economic measures has now closed. We will publish the results of the consultation in due course.


These bulletins contain statistics on the contribution of DCMS Sectors to the UK economy, measured by gross value added (GVA), employment, imports and exports of services and goods and the number of businesses.

DCMS have also introduced new analysis looking at earnings in the Digital Sector as well as Digital Occupations.


The methodology for this series of statistics can be found here.


These statistics cover the contributions of the following DCMS sectors to the UK economy;

  • Civil Society
  • Creative Industries
  • Cultural Sector
  • Digital Sector
  • Gambling
  • Sport
  • Telecoms
  • Tourism

A definition for each sector is available in the associated methodology note along with details of methods and data limitations.

A list of Economic Estimates ad-hoc statistical releases that have not been included in our standard publications is available here.


In 2016, we consulted on the methodology used to produce these estimates and, on the definition of the Cultural Sector. The consultation documentation and response form can be found here

In 2019, we consulted on the DCMS Sector Employment Estimates (closed 16th November, 2019). We will publish a response in due course.


Published 4 August 2016
Last updated 27 May 2021 + show all updates
  1. Added Official Statistics release - DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates: Monthly GVA (to March 2021)

  2. Added new document - DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates 2019: Trade in Services.

  3. Added a small link and note to our Rapid Economic Indicators.

  4. Added Economic Estimates 2020: Earnings to collection.

  5. Published the 2019 trade in DCMS sector goods, and trade in tourism report

  6. Published estimates of business births and deaths for DCMS sectors for 2010-2018.

  7. Published business demographics for 2018

  8. We have published estimates of employment in the DCMS sectors for 2019

  9. Consultation on the demographic breakdowns used in the DCMS Sector Employment estimates has closed.

  10. We have added information about the National Statistics assessment of the series.

  11. We have added a data tool covering GVA, employment and business sites.

  12. We have published the DCMS Sectors Economics Estimates 2017: Regional GVA report

  13. We have published the DCMS Sectors Economics Estimates 2017: Business Demographics report

  14. Regional GVA published.

  15. Published latest GVA data for DCMS Sectors.

  16. The methodology note has been updated.

  17. First published.