Work Choice

Work Choice has closed for new applications. If you’re already on Work Choice you’ll keep getting support.

If you’re already on Work Choice

Work Choice helps you find, keep and progress in a job. The type of help you get depends on what you need - it’s different for everyone.

How Work Choice works

Work Choice is delivered by different providers across the country. Providers offer 2 levels of help.

Level of help What you get How long it lasts
Work Entry Support Advice on work and personal skills to help you find a job Up to 6 months
In-Work Support Help to start work and stay in your job Up to 12 months

You can get Work Entry Support extended by 3 or 6 months in exceptional circumstances and when there is a clear prospect of a job.


Talk to the service provider first if you have a complaint. If you’re still not happy, contact your Disability Employment Adviser or work coach at your local Jobcentre Plus.

Other help if you’re disabled

Talk to a work coach at your local Jobcentre Plus to find out what help you could get if you aren’t on Work Choice.