Get compensation for health problems caused by mining

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What you can claim for

You may be able to claim compensation if you have pneumoconiosis caused by coal mining.

Claim for other conditions and diseases

All other compensation schemes are now closed. You may still be able to claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB) or make a claim through the courts.

Get legal advice to make a claim through the courts for:

  • noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)
  • respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • hand arm vibration related conditions such as vibration white finger (VWF)
  • other asbestos related conditions such as mesothelioma

You may be able to get compensation for diffuse mesothelioma if you don’t know the employer responsible for your contact with asbestos, or their insurer.