Road safety, driving rules and penalties

Road safety law and advice, information about driving penalties and paying fines.


  1. Pay a DVLA fine

    Use this service to pay any money you owe DVLA for not taxing your vehicle or declaring a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

  2. Pay a parking fine

    Find out how to pay a local council for a parking fine or parking ticket - if it’s a penalty charge notice (PCN)

  3. Medical examination report for a lorry or bus driving licence (D4)

    A doctor will need to complete this form if you are applying for a lorry or bus driving licence.

  1. Tell DVLA about a medical condition that could affect your driving

    Report a health condition to DVLA if it affects your driving

  2. Towing: licence and age requirements

    Work out if you’re old enough or have the right kind of licence to tow a trailer from different kinds of vehicle

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Child car seats: the law

    The rules for child car seats and booster seats - height, weight, age, type of vehicle, car, minibus, licensed taxi

  2. Speeding penalties

    You could get a fine and penalty points if you're caught speeding, or could even lose your licence

  3. Check if a health condition affects your driving

    Check if you need to tell DVLA about a health or medical condition if you have a driving licence - you'll have to fill in medical questionnaire if you do

  1. The Highway Code

    • Manual
    • Department for Transport
  2. Medical conditions, disabilities and driving

    When to tell DVLA about a medical condition or disability - what will happen to your licence, renewing or reapplying for your licence.

    • Guide
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News and communications

  1. Drink drivers face swifter justice with new roadside breathalysers

    • Department for Transport
    • News story
  2. Drivers’ hours: changes to fines for commercial drivers

    • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
    • News story
  3. New online service could help drivers report accidents

    • Department for Transport
    • News story
  4. New THINK! road safety campaign launched to help cut child deaths

    • Department for Transport
    • News story
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Policy and engagement

  1. Road vehicles: improving air quality and safety
  2. New ways to report road accidents to the police
  3. Roadworthiness testing for vehicles of historical interest
  1. Testing if vehicles are roadworthy

    • Department for Transport
    • Consultation outcome
    • Date closed 02 November 2016
  2. DVSA strategy, 2017 to 2022

    • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
    • Policy paper
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  1. Road safety statement progress

    • Department for Transport
    • Research
  2. Safer Road Fund process evaluation

    • Department for Transport
    • Research
  3. Road safety factsheets and ad-hoc statistics

    • Department for Transport
    • National statistics
  4. Quarterly statistics on reported road accidents (RAS45)

    • Department for Transport
    • Statistical data set
  5. M20/M2 number of accidents FOI

    • Highways England
    • Foi release
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