Economic growth in developing countries

Guidance and regulation

  1. International Climate Finance
  2. Examples of DFID’s Global Flagship Programmes on Inclusive and Sustainable Commercial Agriculture
  3. How to note: A strengthened approach to economic appraisals
  4. Engaging the private sector in skills development (Guidance note: A DFID practice paper)
  5. How to note: Managing fiduciary risk when providing financial aid
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News and communications

  1. Chatham House Latin America Conference 2018: Sir Alan Duncan speech
  2. Preventing Conflict over Natural Resources
  3. Foreign Secretary hosts first Platform for Girls' Education meeting
  4. "Support survivors of sexual violence in conflict" Minister says
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Research and statistics

  1. Free trade agreements: rapid evidence assessment
  2. Urban finance: rapid evidence assessment
  3. Trade facilitation: rapid evidence assessment
  4. DFID Growth research news 6th edition May 2013
  5. DFID's response to ICAI report: World Bank engagement
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Global Business Environment programme
  2. Family Planning Summit: Summary of UK Commitments
  3. The Investment Facility for Utilising UK Specialist Expertise
  4. DFID’s Economic Development Strategy 2017
  5. Investing in futures
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Department for International Development single departmental plan
  2. DFID Rwanda Business case
  3. DFID's response to ICAI report: Asian Development Bank
  4. Report: Constraints in the UK to Ghana remittances market
  5. Handout: Constraints in the UK to Ghana Remittances Market
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