Policy paper

Prosperity Fund Global Future Cities Programme

This programme provides support to alleviate high levels of urban poverty, encouraging sustainable development and improving economic growth and prosperity.



The £80 million Global Future Cities Prosperity Fund programme will carry out targeted interventions in 19 selected cities across 10 countries to address barriers to prosperity and trade. There are a number of increasingly urgent urban challenges that act as barriers to:

  • achieving greater prosperity
  • poverty reduction
  • inclusive economic growth
  • gender equality

Progress in these areas will enable access to increased economic opportunities, increased productivity, a healthier environment, improved health outcomes and a better quality of life.

The programme will work with the governments of Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam to:

  • positively influence the shape of their city plans and investments
  • drive inclusive and sustainable local growth
  • open up opportunities for international business, including the UK

Interventions will include:

  • transportation: technical assistance to support cities to develop integrated multi-modal public transport systems
  • urban planning: spatial restructuring
  • resilience: develop strategies to address the impact of climate change and ensure development is sustainable

As the department delivering the programme, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with partner governments to implement these interventions. Smart technology and data and project financing will support further investment.

Phase 1 of the programme (strategic development), from May 2018 to April 2019, included testing interventions and agreeing projects with our Country and City partners.

Phase 2 (implementation) commenced in summer 2019 and is expected to continue over the next 2 to 3 years.

See also the contract award information for the programme:

Published 19 September 2019