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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Manage work: access to records: user roles

The work performed in a responsible office can be broken down into a series of independent activities that comprise one or more related tasks. For example, processing of returns will comprise the following tasks

  • Receipt
  • Capture
  • Name and address amendments on the SA recordA user role will reflect a particular job, and will determine the functions that an individual operator can access to perform that job.

Each responsible office or Organisation Unit (OU) will be allocated those user roles, and the functions associated with those roles, that are necessary to perform its business. Local management will allocate user roles to individual operators.

An operator can be given any number of the roles that have been allocated to his or her OU, depending on the activities that he or she is expected to perform. Allocation of a user role to the operator gives access to the SA functions linked to that role.

A full list of functions linked to each of the following 26 user roles is available. This menu is presented in alphabetical order

Agent Maintainer SAM72062
Appeals Handler - Processing and Technical Office SAM72064
Appeals Handler - Recovery Office SAM72066
BACS Rejection Processor - FAO SAM72068
Call Centre Adviser SAM72070
Charge Remitter - Recovery Office SAM72072
Clerical Accounts Office Caseworker SAM72074
Clerical Caseworker - Recovery Office SAM72076
Clerical Caseworker - Technical Office SAM72078
Clerical Processing Manager SAM72080
Clerical Processing Officer SAM72082
Clerical Reallocation Officer - Processing, Recovery and Technical Offices SAM72084
Compliance Manager SAM72086
Compliance Signals Maintainer - CRI SAM72088
Enquiry Officer - Processing Office SAM72090
Enquiry Officer - Technical Office SAM72092
Office Manager SAM72094
Payment Processor - Processing Office SAM72096
Payment Processor - Recovery and Technical Office SAM72098
Repayment Authoriser SAM72100
Review Interest Officer - Processing and Recovery Office SAM72102
Review Interest Officer - Technical Office SAM72104
RTC Agent – Receivables Telephone Centre SAM72106
SA Quality Case Selection Officer SAM72108
SA View Only SAM72110
Time To Pay Officer - Processing and Recovery Office SAM72112
Worklist Manager - Recovery Office SAM72114
Worklist Manager - Technical Office SAM72116
Worklist Viewer SAM72118