This manual contains guidance and processes for Self Assessment (SA)

  1. SAM001
  2. SAM002
    Index of Forms
  3. SAM003
    Index of Functions
  4. SAM004
    Index of Legislation
  5. SAM005
    Index of Work Lists
  6. SAM006
    Contact Point
  7. SAM007
    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  8. SAM1000
    Claim to adjust payments on account: contents
  9. SAM3000
    Trace payment: contents
  10. SAM10000
    Appeals: contents
  11. SAM11000
    Postponements: contents
  12. SAM12000
    Reviews: contents
  13. SAM20000
    Stand-alone assessments: contents
  14. SAM21000
    Revenue amendment: contents
  15. SAM22000
    Non SA assessing: contents
  16. SAM30000
    SA Risk Mart: contents
  17. SAM31000
    Enquiry work: contents
  18. SAM32000
    Risk and enquiry: contents
  19. SAM33000
    Compliance work lists: contents
  20. SAM40000
    Construction industry cases: contents
  21. SAM50000
    Debt and return pursuit: Overview: contents
  22. SAM50500
    Digital Services: overview: contents
  23. SAM60000
    Interest: contents
  24. SAM61000
    Penalties: contents
  25. SAM62000
    Surcharge: contents
  26. SAM70000
    Customer service: contents
  27. SAM71000
    Work management: contents
  28. SAM72000
    Access to records: contents
  29. SAM73000
    Management statistics: contents
  30. SAM80000
    Payments overview: contents
  31. SAM90000
    Permanent cessation: contents
  32. SAM100000
    Set up taxpayer record: contents
  33. SAM101000
    Maintain taxpayer record: contents
  34. SAM103000
    Movement of taxpayer records: contents
  35. SAM104000
    Trace taxpayer record: contents
  36. SAM105000
    Agent record: contents
  37. SAM106000
    Bankruptcy: contents
  38. SAM107000
    Welsh language: contents
  39. SAM108000
    SA and permanent notes: contents
  40. SAM110000
    Issue repayment: contents
  41. SAM111000
    Repayment interest: contents
  42. SAM112000
    Recover over-repayment: contents
  43. SAM113000
    Repayment work lists: contents
  44. SAM114000
    Claims made outside a return: contents
  45. SAM120000
    Return issue: contents
  46. SAM120500
    Filing paper returns: 31 October deadline: contents
  47. SAM121000
    Individuals returns: contents
  48. SAM122000
    Partnership returns: contents
  49. SAM123000
    Trust returns: contents
  50. SAM124000
    View and amend return: contents
  51. SAM125000
    Returns work lists: contents
  52. SAM126000
    Filing returns online: contents
  53. SAM127000
    Returns processed at HMRC Netherton: contents
  54. SAM130000
    Statement content and layout: contents
  55. SAM131000
    Statement issue: contents
  56. SAM132000
    Transactions on statements: contents
  57. SAM133000
    Statement messages: contents
  58. SAM134000
    Interest calculation: contents
  59. SAM140000
    Transfer from PAYE to SA: contents
  60. SAM141000
    Transfer from SA to PAYE: contents
  61. SAM142000
    Reg 72/81 and SA: contents