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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Records: set up taxpayer record: contents

  1. SAM100001
  2. SAM100010
  3. SAM100020
    PAYE cases that potentially need to be brought into SA
  4. SAM100040
    Company secretary: Construction industry scheme
  5. SAM100050
    Criteria for a PAYE / SA record
  6. SAM100060
    Criteria for an SA record
  7. SAM100080
    Annual claims cases and SA
  8. SAM100090
    Link from SA to PAYE records
  9. SAM100110
  10. SAM100120
    Non resident company landlord
  11. SAM100130
    Notification of new business or self employment
  12. SAM100131
    Notification on form SA1
  13. SAM100135
  14. SAM100136
    Forms for registering partnerships and partners
  15. SAM100137
    Registration of partnerships and partners
  16. SAM100140
    Partnership as partner
  17. SAM100150
    Pension schemes
  18. SAM100160
    Periods of administration
  19. SAM100170
  20. SAM100190
    SA./PAYE linked cases
  21. SAM100191
    SA/PAYE linked cases (Action Guide)
  22. SAM100200
    Set up agent for taxpayer
  23. SAM100210
    Set up capacities
  24. SAM100220
    Set up individual record
  25. SAM100221
    Set up individual record (Action Guide)
  26. SAM100230
    Set up partner
  27. SAM100231
    Set up partner (Action Guide)
  28. SAM100240
    Set up partnership record
  29. SAM100241
    Set up partnership record (Action Guide)
  30. SAM100250
    Set up trade
  31. SAM100251
    Set up trade (Action Guide)
  32. SAM100260
    Set up trust record
  33. SAM100261
    Set up trust record (Action Guide)
  34. SAM100270
    Taxpayer return profile
  35. SAM100280
    Trust record and partner source
  36. SAM100281
    Trust record and partner source (Action Guide)
  37. SAM100290
    View taxpayer facility
  38. SAM100300
    When an SA record is required
  39. SAM100310
    When to set up an individual SA record
  40. SAM100320
    When to set up a trust SA record