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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Manage work: access to records: clerical processing officer

The Clerical Processing Officer user role provides access to all functions required for day to day working in an office with processing responsibility. The operator with this role may generally be responsible for

  • Logging receipt of SA returns in Local Data Capture
  • Capturing details from the SA return in Local Data Capture
  • Amending returns, creating return charges, and unlogging returns that are not fully captured
  • Tracing SA taxpayer and agent records
  • Setting up SA taxpayer records
  • Maintaining SA taxpayer records, including payments on account
  • Movement of SA taxpayer records
  • Setting and maintaining compliance signals required as a result of third party information
  • Creating and maintaining sundry charges on the SA taxpayer record
  • Dealing with day to day correspondence
  • Recovering SA debts
  • Dealing with work items appearing on the following work lists

    • ‘Claims To Reduce Payments On Account’
    • ‘Duplicate Return Logged - Original Already Logged or Captured’
    • ‘Manual Issue of Review Form 575’
    • ‘Manual Issue of Returns’
    • ‘Manual Statement Issue’
    • DARM ‘Outstanding Debt and/or Return’
    • ‘Potential Non-Filers’
    • ‘Potential Transfer Cases’
    • ‘Reduction of Amount Coded Out’
    • ‘Returns Not Captured’
    • ‘Returns Review’
    • ‘Review Revenue Assessments’
    • ‘Pensioner and Low Income Review List’
    • ‘Overpayments in Closed Cases’

The following table shows the functions linked to the role of Clerical Processing Officer in an office with processing responsibility.

For details of how to access any of these functions, select ‘Index Of Functions’ on the left of the screen.

On accessing the function, system help is available to you at function, screen, field, and error message levels.

For ease of reference, the functions are grouped under the following sub-headings



Maintain Compliance Signals

View Compliance History

View Compliance Summary


Maintain Responsible Office

Retrieve UTR From D Reference


Amend Fixed Penalties

Amend Return

Create Return Charge

Maintain Return Profile

Maintain Return Summary

Record Date Of Clerical Issue

Record Return Request

Unlog Return

View Return


Amend Payments On Account

Cancel Freestanding Credit

Create Freestanding Credit

Create Sundry Charge

Issue Repayment From Overpaid Balance

Maintain Payments On Account

Maintain Statement Inhibition

Maintain Sundry Charge

Record Transfer To COP

View Payment Details

View Repayment

View Statement

View Taxpayer Credits

View Transfer From OAS


Add/Amend Communication Name and Address

Amend Taxpayer Name and Address

Amend Taxpayer Signals

Amend Trust

Case Summary

Maintain Capacity

Maintain Capacity Summary

Maintain Partner

Maintain SA Notes

Maintain Sources

Maintain Trade

Set Up Capacity Details

Set Up Company

Set Up Individual Taxpayer

Set Up Partner

Set Up Partnership

Set Up Post BY/VA Individual

Set Up Trade

Set Up Trust

View Communication Name and Address

View Partners For Partnership

View Taxpayer Designatory Details

TP Agent

Amend Taxpayer’s Agent Details

Taxpayer New Agent Details

Trace Agent

View Agent Details

View Taxpayer’s Agent Details


Immediate Action Work Lists

Office Work List Summary

Operator Work List Summary

Taxpayer Work List