HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

SAM72086 - Manage work: access to records: compliance manager

The Compliance Manager is responsible for

  • Supervising compliance and enquiry work within the Organisation Unit (He / she will use SA functions to assist in the selection and control of compliance and enquiry cases)


  • Dealing with work items appearing on the ‘Informal Discharge Review’ work list

The following table shows the functions linked to this role.

For details of how to access any of these functions, select ‘Index Of Functions’ on the left of the screen.

On accessing the function, system help is available to you at function, screen, field, and error message levels.

For ease of reference, functions are grouped under the following sub headings



Maintain Appeal


Add/Amend Annual Compliance Details

Amend Return for Enquiry

Create Return Charge for Enquiry

Create Revenue Assessment

Maintain Compliance Signals

View Compliance History

View Compliance Summary

View Return for Enquiry


Maintain Responsible Office

Retrieve UTR from D Reference


Create Return Charge

Maintain Return Summary

View Return


Maintain Revenue Assessment

View Payment Details

View Statement


Case Summary

Maintain SA Notes

View Partners for Partnership

View Taxpayer Designatory Details


Immediate Action Work Lists

Office Worklist Summary

Operator Worklist Summary

Taxpayer Work List