Chemical and environmental hazards

Guidance and regulation

  1. Air pollution: a tool to estimate healthcare costs
  2. Fentanyl: safety recommendations for first responders
  3. Nitrogen dioxide: health effects of exposure
  4. Hydrogen sulphide: incident management and toxicology
  5. Benzo(a)pyrene or PAHs: health effects and toxicology
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News and communications

  1. Public health advice following the Grenfell Tower fire
  2. New tool calculates NHS and social care costs of air pollution
  3. Air pollution advice to the public
  4. Estimates of mortality in local authority areas associated with air pollution
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Research and statistics

  1. Environmental monitoring following the Grenfell Tower fire
  2. Lead exposure in children: surveillance reports
  3. Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) reports
  4. Air pollution and cardiovascular disease: mechanistic evidence
  5. Environmental public health surveillance system
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Sales of acid: voluntary commitments for retailers
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Deaths from air pollution in Enfield and Barnet
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