Living in the Dominican Republic

This guide explains the main administrative issues British nationals moving to Dominican Republic may want to consider before or shortly after they arrive in the Dominican Republic.

Entry requirements

If you are a British citizen you do not require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic as a tourist. You need a tourist card which can be obtained before travel from the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in London, or on arrival at the airport at a cost of US$10. For information on other types of visas visit the Dominican Republic Embassy website.

A valid British passport must be held for entry to and exit from the Dominican Republic. If you are entering as a tourist your passport must be valid up to at least the date of your proposed departure from the Dominican Republic. If you are entering the Dominican Republic for any other purpose your passport should have at least six months’ validity.

Health care in the Dominican Republic

Public health service in the Dominican Republic is not deemed to be adequate.
Private medical facilities offer reasonable to very good standards of services, although reports indicate that some establishments may overcharge.

Property purchase

You should consult Dominican lawyers with relevant experience before purchasing any property in the Dominican Republic. There is no Legal Section in the British Embassy and Consular staff are not legally trained; therefore we are not able to advise you on legal matters, interfere in private disputes over property, or other issues. However, we can provide you with a list of List of English Speaking Lawyers. Please note the disclaimer.

Driving licenses and driving in the Dominican Republic

A UK or International driving license is valid to drive in the DR for three months. After three months, a Dominican driving license is required. It can be requested to the “Oficina de Tránsito Terrestre”, Ministry of Public Works & Communications. (See contact details below)

Contact details for the OTT

In Santo Domingo:

Ministry of Public Works Ave. Tiradentes with Avenida San Cristobal Tel. 809 565 2811

In Puerto Plata:

Calle Hermanas Mirabal Tel. 809 244 4084

The Embassy cannot certify that your British license is valid.


A range of private bilingual school is available. It should be pointed out that because of the bilingual nature of the education system the academic standards for older children are somewhat lower than in the UK. Further information on schools and education in the Dominican Republic can be found at the Dominican Ministry of Education website.

Life certificates for UK state pensions

If you have received a life certificate from the UK Pension Service it is important that you reply as quickly as possible otherwise your benefit may be stopped. You’ll need to get it signed by a ‘witness’ and send it back, as instructed on the form.

Check the list of people who can witness a life certificate. This is now the same as the list of people who can ‘countersign’ a passport photo , although they don’t need to live in the UK, or have a British or Irish passport.

Useful contact details:

Dominican Immigration Dept. / Dirección General de Migración


Avenida 30 de Mayo Esquina Héroes de Luperon Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Tels: +1 809 508 2555/ +1 809 508 2556


Published 20 November 2013