The British Embassy in Havana calls for project proposals 2016/17

The British Embassy in Havana invites all interested parties to submit their proposals for its 2016/17 call for projects


BPB Project Concept Form

BPB Project Form

Activity Based Budget (financial breakdown)


All project proposals submitted will be subject to a rigorous selection process by the Programme and Projects Board. After that the selected implementers will be contacted. This does not prevent the Embassy from considering projects submitted later in the financial year.

What is the Bilateral Programme Budget (BPB)?

The BPB is one of the channels through which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the United Kingdom finances projects in Cuba. During the most recent financial years, our BPB helped finance several projects in Cuba, supported the attendance of some Cuba officials to relevant events in the UK and equally supported the visit to Cuba of UK experts to run workshops on some of our priority areas of interest.

Who may bid?

In order to be eligible, your organisation or agency must be a non-profit legal entity, a registered non-governmental or governmental organisation in Cuba, an academic or research institution, and must demonstrate that it has:

  • Previous experience in project management

  • Preferably previous experience working with international agencies / organisations

  • Proof of legal registration

  • Sufficient technical, financial, human and logistical capacity

  • All projects must support Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), i.e. criteria must be administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of Cuba as a main overarching objective.

Our priority areas of interest

Proposals put forward should be able to establish a clear and identifiable link between the activities planned and the expected results, in the following strategic areas:

  • Support to the update of Cuban economic model: strengthening of new types of production, business incubators, start-up companies, training to small businesses owners, etc. encouraging UK/Cuba business links.

  • Renewable energy: fostering of the use of renewable energy sources, academic / technological exchanges with the UK in this area.

  • Local development: strengthening the link between sector and territorial policies.

How to submit a bid for the development of a project

This process will be carried out in two stages: the first is the Concept Bid stage and the second is the Full Bid stage. Only approved Concept Bids will be expected to be presented a second time, as a Full Bid.

Concept Bid Stage

  • BPB Project Concept Form

  • Activity-Based Budget (financial breakdown) Note: at this stage the financial breakdown does not need to be detailed, only the general items of the budget might be included.

Full Bid stage

  • BPB Project form

  • Activity-Based Budget (financial breakdown)

At all cases please send to the e-mail address: to the attention of Ileana Carreño, Projects and Prosperity Officer. In the subject line of the email please indicate “Project bid” and please include in the body of the message a brief reference to the organisation and the project title.

Some key points to help plan projects

Proposals put forward should be able to establish a clear and identifiable link between the activities planned and the expected results. The end date for the financing and execution of projects is 28 February 2017. The Embassy is interested in proposals of a minimum of £ 5,000 and up to a maximum of £ 20,000 (CUC 28 000 approximately). The objective of the proposal should be well defined and specific. The proposed budget should be precise and demonstrate in detail how the funds will be used during the execution of the project. Each organisation may present up to 3 proposals. The Bilateral Programme Budget fund does not authorise the purchase of capital goods nor flight costs above economy class.


We welcome projects jointly funded with other donors as a way of increasing impact and enhancing co-ordination (matching funds). All co-funded projects must demonstrate how they complement the efforts of other donors and bring added value.

How are projects monitored?

Once approved, and in accordance with what is set out in the Grant Contract, the implementing organisation must submit quarterly reports and a final evaluation of the project. Within the monitoring work, importance should be given by the implementers to media coverage during the project’s activities, which will be carried out in coordination with the Embassy’s Communications Section.

The British Embassy reiterates its invitation to all interested parties to submit their proposals for the 2016/17 period.

Published 4 April 2016