Call for project proposals for the Bilateral Cooperation Fund

The British Embassy invites project proposals for the 2015-2016 Financial Year, which for our purposes commenced 1 April 2015.


Project Concept Form


Call for projects

Proposals will be received until May 25th 2015. Please read below the instructions on how to apply.

What is the Bilateral Co-operation Fund?

The Bilateral Co-operation Fund is the main programme through which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom finances projects in the Dominican Republic. These projects should contribute towards achieving results within the strategic objectives of the Dominican and British Governments in order to promote viable and sustainable development within a democratic framework.

Who may apply for funding from the Bilateral Co-operation Fund?

  • Community-based organizations
  • Legally constituted non-governmental organisations
  • Government institutions at all levels
  • Other institutions that submit credible proposals

Which are the strategic areas of interest for the development of projects?

Proposals should establish a clear and identifiable link between the activities planned and the expected results. Proposals should fall within one the following strategic areas:

  • Good Governance: Strengthening public administration and civil society; promotion of transparency; fight against corruption and rule of law.
  • Human Rights: Rights of minority groups; LGBT issues; freedom of religion or belief; freedom of expression; protection of journalists and their access to public information; disability rights; gender issues; older people.
  • Sustainable Development: Promoting responsible business practices; voluntary principles and community development; education in priority areas.

How may I request funds for the development of a project?

Proposals must be presented on the Concept Bid Form below and should be sent as a digital file to with the subject code BPB2015 by 25th May. Once the preliminary selection has been made we will ask for full bids to be submitted.

Some key points to help plan projects:

  • The financing of projects has a maximum duration of one (1) year. Activities should be executed within the British financial year (1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016).
  • The Embassy is interested in proposals which are under 10,000 pounds sterling (DOP 728,000.00 approximately).
  • The proposed budget should be precise and demonstrate in detail how the funds will be used during the execution of the project.
  • The objective of the proposal should be well defined and specific.
  • Equal consideration will be given to proposals whose activities are to be carried out in the provinces as in the capital.
  • The Embassy seeks to finance pilot projects with the aim of being able to count upon co-financing from other institutions.
  • There is particular interest in proposals involved in work with public bodies or those incorporating participation by diverse political groups. In this case, it is preferable that the organization has a previous commitment with the public institution for the proposed initiative.
  • Evidence of strong buy-in from key beneficiaries must be presented (e.g. government and beneficiaries).
  • Organizations may present more than one proposal.
  • The Bilateral Cooperation Fund does not provide for the purchase of capital goods.
  • No administrative or operational costs can be covered with the funds.
  • The projects must demonstrate practical and high-impact interventions that will lead to a real and timely difference to decision-making. Our preference is against one-off activities (e.g. workshops/seminars/visits) or micro-level projects.
  • Proposals must clearly be a catalyst to transformational changes in policy and practice. Proposals focusing purely on research, analysis, seminars or workshops will not be relevant unless they lead to specific and measurable action.
  • Projects must add value and not duplicate other donor activity.
  • Proposals should include a brief communications strategy showing how they would disseminate the results of the project.
  • Please read all guidance and ensure that project proposals are designed and submitted in accordance with it. Proposals that do not meet the criteria and guidance will be rejected.

What comprises the monitoring process for projects?

Approval of proposals will be subject, among other things, to the ease of access for monitoring and evaluation purposes. Once approved, and in accordance with what is set out in the grant contract, the implementing organization must submit a quarterly report, and a final evaluation of the project. Within the monitoring work, importance should be given by the implementers to carrying out media coverage during the project’s activities, which will be carried out in coordination with the Embassy’s Communications Section. The British Embassy renews its most cordial invitation to all interested agencies to participate with their proposals for the 2015-2016 period.

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