Call for bids: written review of existing literature on tariff and non-tariff barriers to UK-Hong Kong Trade

The British Consulate-General in Hong Kong is conducting a trade review to identify options to overcome barriers to the trade in goods and services between the UK and Hong Kong. Individuals with relevant expertise are invited to bid to write a review of literature on non-tariff measures and their importance to HK-UK bilateral trade.




In support of our objective to strengthen the UK trading and investment relationships with complex markets, the British Consulate-General in Hong Kong is conducting a trade review to identify options to overcome barriers to the trade in goods and services between the UK and Hong Kong.


The objective of the project is to support the British Consulate-General Hong Kong in identifying existing evidence relating to the principle barriers which may impede bilateral trade between the UK and Hong Kong, and thereby assist the UK and Hong Kong authorities in further strengthening the already very extensive bilateral trade and investment relationship. The gathering together of evidence will be used to provide an evidence base to underpin discussion of ways to address any tariff or non-tariff barriers in order to enhance bilateral trade and investment flows in the future.

Proposals are invited from individuals or organisations with relevant expertise to strengthen the evidence base of the trade review through a written review of academic and other literature on non-tariff measures and their importance to bilateral trade.

Proposal design

The anticipated maximum budget for this work is HK$70,000. Bids are welcomed for a proportion of this funding or for the total amount. Potential implementers are encouraged to submit realistic proposals that demonstrate value for money.

The winning implementer will be appointed at the end of May 2017 with the aim of delivering the final written review by end June 2017 unless alternative timing is justified in the project proposal.

The written review should cover, but is not limited to:

  • a summary of tariff measures and their importance to UK-Hong Kong bilateral trade
  • a literature review of non-tariff measures and any existing evidence of importance to UK-Hong Kong bilateral trade
  • barriers at borders, barriers behind the border, in services sectors, barriers to investment/free flow of capital, public procurement, domestic barriers that could be removed in order to enable cheaper import of goods, wider conditions
  • the evidence on the potential gains of removing barriers, relative prioritisation in terms of impact and likelihood of progress, whether they are specific to the UK-Hong Kong relationship, best potential options for removing barriers
  • identify specific sectors which would benefit from deeper research

Who can bid?

Project proposals are welcomed from individuals or organisations with relevant economic expertise.

We are looking for individuals or organisations which can demonstrate some or all of:

  • economic expertise
  • regional expertise
  • proven ability of report writing
  • experience or understanding of productive working with government
  • capacity to deliver projects to deadline

Criteria for assessing project proposals

The Board will consider projects against the following criteria:

  • relevant expertise
  • ability to deliver
  • value for money
  • clarity of bid

Guidelines for submitting a project proposal

Proposals should be sent on the attached Project Proposal Form and contain the information set out below. Language used should be clear and succinct. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed. If any aspect of the guidance is unclear to applicants, please consult

  • Implementing Agency: please provide full contact details and the name of the implementing agency and the lead contact. If any parts of the project will be sub-contracted please include details. Please provide details of any previous bids you have made to the FCO or British Consulate-General Hong Kong and/or projects implemented. Set out relevant experience and expertise.
  • Project Plan: detail on how the project purpose will be achieved, including milestones, what will be delivered and the date by which it will be delivered. Include an Activity Based Budget. Projects should be budgeted in Hong Kong Dollars. Budgets should give a detailed breakdown of cost per activity and unit costs for staff where relevant.
  • Risks: list any key risks involved in running the project and how those risks will be managed.

Terms of contracts

Agreements will be subject to FCO standard contract terms which are attached. Payment will be made following delivery of the final report.


Proposals should be submitted to the Economic Diplomacy Team, British Consulate-General Hong Kong by 1700 Hong Kong Time, Thursday 25 May 2017, to

Published 4 May 2017