Road network and traffic

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Traffic signs

Traffic sign images

All road users need to understand traffic signs. The Know Your Traffic Signs guide illustrates and explains most of the traffic signs that road users are likely to see.

Traffic sign images are available in the traffic signs image database. They are downloadable as EPS, JPG and PDF files. The images in this database are aimed mainly at media professionals for reproduction in printed matter or on screen.

For traffic sign designers and manufacturers, working drawings are available.

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (TSRGD) set out the rules for traffic signs, traffic lights and road markings that can be used in England, Scotland and Wales. If a local council wants to use a sign or marking that is not in TSRGD, it must be specially approved. In England, the Secretary of State for Transport gives this approval.

The traffic signs authorisation database includes details of non-standard traffic signs approved in England since 1 January 2011.

Traffic sign guidance

Detailed guidance for designers on the correct use of traffic signs and road markings is in the traffic signs manual.

The Department for Transport has given every local council in England approvals allowing them to use certain new traffic signs and road markings. This guidance note explains what these are and where they can be used.

Other guidance

This guidance is to increase awareness and offer advice about low bridges and preventing vehicles from hitting bridges: Prevention of bridge strikes good practice guide

This booklet, known as the ‘Pink Book’, is for workers on site who are responsible for operating portable traffic lights at street works and road works: an introduction to the use of portable vehicular signals

The Department for Transport publishes a range of good practice guidance on traffic issues, including: