Local transport notes

Traffic management guidance for local authorities.

Local transport notes summarise the latest and most important ideas about traffic management issues and provide guidance for local authorities.


  1. Shared use routes for pedestrians and cyclists (LTN 1/12)
  2. Using railings to make roads safer for pedestrians (LTN 2/09)
  3. Signal controlled roundabouts (LTN 1/09)
  4. How to develop safe streets for mixed use (LTN 3/08)
  5. Cycle infrastructure design (LTN 2/08)
  6. Traffic management and streetscape (LTN 1/08)
  7. Traffic calming (LTN 1/07)
  8. Installing traffic signals and associated equipment (LTN 1/98)
  9. Keeping buses moving (LTN 1/97)
  10. How to design and install pedestrian crossings (LTN 2/95)
  11. How to plan pedestrian crossings (LTN 1/95)
  12. Design and use of directional traffic signs (LTN 1/94)
Published 13 September 2012