Road traffic sign images for reproduction

Traffic sign images for reproduction in printed matter, on screen or in other media.

About the images

We have made available more than 600 traffic-sign images from those in the publication Know your traffic signs. They are grouped in the same categories.

The images are intended mainly for media professionals to reproduce in printed matter, on screen or in other media.

The images are not intended for the use of traffic-sign professionals, who should refer to working drawings, chapters of the Traffic signs manual and other relevant sources on GOV.UK.

Please use the images responsibly.

Terms and conditions

Reproducing images of traffic signs

Traffic signs are Crown copyright. They are part of legislation (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002, often referred to as TSRGD). The numbers in the image file names relate to the TSRGD numbering.

You may reproduce traffic-sign images free of charge and without having to seek permission, but you must reproduce them accurately and not in a misleading context (eg not on roadside billboards where they could mislead drivers). You should also include a statement that these images are Crown copyright.

Please read the fuller conditions in the Open Government Licence.

Image details

For information about the traffic signs and the availability of image files, search within the spreadsheet for the relevant sign:

Once you have identified the images you require, note the filename(s) and then download the relevant zip file below.

Images in JPG format

JPG (JPEG) images are for printing or screen use, but not at any size, as they have a limited resolution.

Images in EPS format

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) images are for use with professional design software and for printing at any size because they carry vector and other information.

Colour palette

Colour settings in the image artwork vary slightly. If you are using EPS files, please check that you’ve specified the main colours as follows:

Colour Pantone (print) CMYK equivalent (print) RGB equivalent (print)
eg warning signs
186 C0 M100 Y81 K4 R227 G24 B55
eg motorway signs
300 C100 M44 Y0 K0 R0 G121 B193
eg waiting restrictions
116 C0 M16 Y100 K0 R255 G210 B0
Dark green
eg direction signs, but not Quiet Lanes
349 C100 M0 Y91 K42 R0 G112 B60
eg tourist signs
469 C0 M52 Y100 K62 R121 G68 B0
Light green
eg fire rendezvous signs
370 C56 M0 Y100 K27 R94 G151 B50
eg emergency phone labels
1375 C0 M40 Y90 K0 R250 G166 B52
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