Roads reform: management of the strategic road network

Outlines reforms to the management of motorways and major roads in England.

These documents outline the reforms which government is making to our motorways and major roads. We want to create a strategic road network which:

  • gives road users the best quality of service
  • supports economic growth
  • improves the lives of our citizens

To achieve this we need a road operator that can work fast and efficiently, provide better customer service and get value for money from investment.

To meet our aims we are changing the way the strategic road network is managed and run, by:

  • turning the Highways Agency into a government-owned strategic highways company which operates more flexibly and efficiently
  • putting in place a governance system for the new strategic highways company, which holds it to account whilst giving it the freedom to operate on a day-to-day basis
  • introducing a new, long-term ‘Road investment strategy’, setting out a clear vision and a stable, long-term plan and performance expectations
  • setting up an independent watchdog and monitor, to represent the interests of road users, and to monitor and improve the new strategic highways company
  • introducing legislation through the Infrastructure Act to underpin these reforms, creating the legal framework and a stable foundation for highways investment

Policy documents

  1. Highways England's performance report to Parliament 2015 to 2016
  2. Strategic highways company: framework
  3. Objectives and conditions for Highways England
  4. Roads reform watchdog: memorandum of understanding
  5. Highways monitor: memorandum of understanding
  6. Roads reform monitor: statutory guidance
  7. Roads reform: transforming our strategic roads summary
  8. Transparency for roads: overseeing the operation of the strategic road network
  9. Setting the road investment strategy: now and in the future
  10. Roads reform: case for new public body
  11. Transforming the Highways Agency into a government-owned company: decision
  12. Transforming England’s strategic road network
  13. Action for roads: a network for the 21st century
  14. Roads reform: a fresh start for the strategic road network
  15. How to improve the strategic road network



Published 29 July 2013
Last updated 12 March 2015 + show all updates
  1. Published documents including the roads reform monitor and watchdog memorandums of understanding.
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