Road congestion and travel times

Statistics and data about road congestion and travel times on the Strategic Road Network and local 'A' roads.

Latest travel time measures statistics

Travel time measures data tables

All supporting statistical tables are updated on a quarterly basis. For local ‘A’ road statistics, we provide statistics by region and local highway authority which are updated on an annual basis in February.

  1. Road congestion and reliability statistics table index
  2. Average speed, delay and reliability of travel times (CGN)

Travel time measures statistics

Statistics on travel time measures on the Strategic Road Network and locally managed ‘A’ roads from data provided commercially by Teletrac Navman. These are produced on a quarterly basis, as an annual report for the previous year in February and subsequent table updates in May, September and November.

Guidance on current and previous travel time measures statistics are available.

Historic data tables

The following tables have been discontinued due to a methodological change in the production of congestion statistics.

  1. Highway Agency motorways and 'A' roads: ‘on time’ journeys (CGN01)
  2. Flow weighted vehicle speeds (CGN02)
  3. Flow weighted vehicle speeds, by region (CGN09)

About the travel time measures data and reports

Historically, we published separate statistical reports for travel time measures on the Strategic Road Network and locally managed ‘A’ roads. These were produced on a quarterly basis (in February, May, August and November). Following user feedback we decided to combine the statistical releases, with the first combined release published for the second quarter of data for 2017. From February 2018 onwards we no longer intend to publish quarterly travel time statistical reports. Instead, we will publish an annual report in February, although we will continue to update the supporting tables on a quarterly basis.

These statistics used to monitor road congestion and journey time reliability are compiled from journey time data from in-vehicle global positioning systems (GPS) and flows estimated using automatic traffic counters and the department’s manual traffic count data.

All of the statistics published are National Statistics. Road congestion and reliability statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in July 2012.

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