Our governance

The main decision-making, executive and managerial bodies in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Departmental Board

The Departmental Board provides direction on strategy, performance and risk management.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee implements strategy and ensures the effective management of the department.


Audit, Risk and Assurance Committee

The Audit Risk and Assurance Committee ensures the quality of audit and risk control functions.


  • Nigel Boardman, Non-Executive Board Member (Chair)
  • Lucy Shannon, Non-Executive Member
  • Claire Davies, Non-Executive Member
  • Bryan Ingleby, Non-Executive Member
  • Myriam Madden, Non-Executive Member
  • Stuart Quickenden, Non-Executive Member

Nominations and Governance Committee

The Nominations and Governance Committee supports the Departmental Board, by challenging and assuring our strategies and plans for senior talent management and to implement corporate governance policy.


  • Leena Nair, Non-Executive Board Member (Chair)
  • Rachel Campbell, Non-Executive Member
  • Alex Chisholm, Permanent Secretary
  • Doug Watkins, Director, HR